Meet a SuperNatural-Bianca G.

Natural hair on a night out 😉

How long have you been natural?4th grade… ish? I’m not too sure, but for a while.

Position in SuperNatural UIUC Editor of SuperNatural UIUC Blog

Major Creative Writing

Why did you go natural? Perms broke my hair off, so I figured going natural would solve that problem.

What is your favorite attribute of your natural hair? Its versatility.

Describe your hair. My hair is something like a 4c. Most hair systems would describe it as kinky and unmanageable. I say its full of personality. It’s able to imitate almost any hairtype. It’s coily, spongelike, soft, funky, original, fluffy, and most of all manageable to all those non-believers!

What have been people’s reactions to your hair? I’ve gotten both positive and negative. It ranges from “oh… why is your hair like that?” and “here is my card, I’ll fix you up when your arms get tired” to “I absolutely love your hair” and “I love your natural hair, its beautiful”. Each comment is different but I appreciate them all because either way I know what I like. If you hate it I have more reason to love it. If you love it that’s fine too because I already do.

How would you describe the natural hair movement on UIUC and the general population? Is there even a natural hair movement to speak of? I don’t know about a natural hair movement per say, I just think that the idea of understanding and being able to take of your hair the way that it naturally grows out of your head it becoming more popular. I think that women are beginning to realize that you can be beautiful natural. But once we realize that beauty shouldn’t be defined, we won’t even want a movement. That’s what I am waiting for.

Fun random fact about yourself! I really want to be a jazz singer!

Where can we reach you? Facebook search Bianca Maria… I don’t know a thing about twitter and I have a fashion blog in the works that I can tell you about when its up and running!


One response to “Meet a SuperNatural-Bianca G.

  1. Just know that you were part of my inspiration. Forget the people who hate. Im sure you already know to ignore them tho. 🙂

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