Meet a SuperNatural-Kim J.

A cute flower accessory is a quick, easy way to spice up your hair

How long have you been natural? Natural 5-6months

Position in SuperNatural UIUC Writer for the SuperNatural UIUC Blog

Major Marketing/Supply Chain Management

Why did you go natural? I was tired of the cream burning my head and leaving sores afterwards. I was also tired of paying $60 every month (Mar 1 thru April 15 then another perm on April 16) and I wanted to embrace who my true beauty and actually know what the real texture of my hair looks like when its grown out.

What is your favorite attribute of your natural hair? Versatility is my favorite aspect of my hair. I can twist it, braid it, lay it down, afro it up or wear it after a fresh wash. My hair has personality and can do so many things. I love styling it and trying new products!

Describe your hair. I’m considered a 4a/4b which means I have a curl pattern but my hair has extremely tight tiny curls. My coils are about as big as a regular pencil (if not smaller-probably closer to bobby pin size) and it becomes really kinky after a couple days of no oil or pampering.

What have been people’s reactions to your hair? People’s response to my hair was quite different. Most people loved (when I did the Big Chop) and others not so much (and they aren’t bashful about telling you).  My one friend told me that she liked my weave better than my natural hair…yes it was rude but I don’t think she fully understood her commentary. My mother loved it and my boyfriend helped me cut it off so he was all go. He liked the fact that I was a lot less self-conscience and I was getting rid of the black girl stereotype of “I know you’re not going to touch my hair” type attitude. He could now play in it and while its short, it’s so easy to maintain.

How would you describe the natural hair movement on UIUC and the general population? Is there even a natural hair movement to speak of? There is definitely a natural hair movement and I am completely delighted to see our women embracing our real beauty. My friend told me about a study that was brought forth in her humanities course that discussed how black women were the least desired among several races by the opposite sex and we were also subject to low self-esteem. After hearing this and seeing the natural hair movement evolve, I just knew that the study she mentioned should be re-done and based on today’s information because the self-esteem has definitely altered since this movement.

Fun random fact about yourself! My mom named me Kimberly Jones Jr., yes junior. I’m named after her and Jr. is on my SSC, birth certificate and license.

Where can we reach you? You can reach me by email, a NBMBAA Meeting or on FB @ Kimmie Kimkins Jones


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