Meet A SuperNatural-Nicole O.

A simple, elegant bun-excellent transitioning style

How long have you been natural? Currently I am transitioning.  I have not had a relaxer since August 2010

Position in SuperNatural UIUC? Photographer on the SuperNatural UIUC Blog Team

Major Painting in the College of Fine and Applied Arts. Minor: English. Also Pre-Law.

Why did you go natural? I decided to go natural because I want more volume and desire to have my hair in a healthier state.

What is your favorite attribute of your natural hair? I love the fact that I can wear it curly and I can also wear it straight by simply using a flat-iron.

Describe your hair. I have really thick, coarse hair

What have been people’s reactions to your hair? So far, I have not had any negative reactions, because I have not been transitioning for that long.

Kinky straight weave used as a protective style

How would you describe the natural hair movement on UIUC and in the general population? Is there even a natural hair movement to speak of? I believe that there is a natural hair movement.  This natural hair movement has created some controversy as to why women want to go natural, but overall I see it as a positive attribute to UIUC, because I have realized a lot of women further embracing themselves through natural hair.

Fun random fact about yourself! I speak 3.5 languages (Twi, Ga, English, and a little bit of French.

Where can we reach you? By email:


2 responses to “Meet A SuperNatural-Nicole O.

  1. Beautiful Hair!

  2. Thank you!

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