Meet a SuperNatural-Raquel L.

How long have you been natural? I’ve been technically natural my whole life, but always wore my hair straightened. I slowly got rid of the heat trained/damaged hair, and I’ve been wearing it in natural styles for about 4 years now.

Position in SuperNatural UIUC: I’m the SuperNatural UIUC Blog Chair.

Major: I’m an English and Secondary Education Major

Why did you go natural? I started wearing my hair in natural styles because I grew quite bored with the straight hair. I was tired of looking like everybody else.

What is your favorite attribute of your natural hair? The multitude of different ways it can be styled will never stop amazing me. Literally, the sky is the limit.

Describe your hair. I have fine, relatively fragile strands easily damaged, but admittedly, that doesn’t stop me from being a bit rough at times. It’s not thick, which I mourn about daily. It’s kinky, with a tight coil pattern.

A puff is one of the quickest natural hairstyles. Dress it up or down.

What have been people’s reactions to your hair? I’ve heard it all. It ranges from an admiring, “Your hair is sexy,” to a disdainful, sneering, “Do you ever straighten your hair?”  At the end of the day, none of that matters-I’m perfectly happy with my hair and this love affair isn’t going to end any time soon.

How would you describe the natural hair movement on UIUC and the general population? Is there even a natural hair movement to speak of? I’ve noticed it becoming far more common for black women to wear their hair naturally. There is a plethora of information online through blogs like this one, websites, forums, etc. and so it is becoming easier than ever to go natural-there are more than enough resources to take advantage of. It doesn’t seem quite so intimidating when we’re all in this thing together.

Fun random fact about yourself! I’m a pescetarian, meaning I’m primarily vegetarian, but I do indulge in the occasional fish.

Where can we reach you? I’m on Twitter: @RockaWakaFlocka. You can also email me at



One response to “Meet a SuperNatural-Raquel L.

  1. Blog looks great. Great info, great people. Great start!

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