Trial and (NO) error Transition

Kim J.

A relaxer once seemed so much more manageable than my curls. However, the last time I actually saw my natural hair, I was in pigtails, barrettes and playing in my mother’s make-up.  My truth was that my hair in any form would always scream at me in the morning or lay the right way with a product. Unfortunately, I didn’t discover this truth until now. With every relaxer, my glory locks of love began to get shorter…… and shorter… and shorter. My ends began breaking so much that they looked like loose string hanging from the trim of an old tattered dress.

At that moment, I began imagining my future FRO ….but “how am I supposed to get there? Not the big chop!” at least for the moment. On the day of my last relaxer I had done everything I could have possibly done wrong before application of the creamy stuff. I wore a head wrap for a week, I scratched, rubbed and the night before I even conditioned my hair. FOOLISH! I know that now but I had an interview the next day and this was an emergency (May 12, 2010). So I sat through the burn and at that point I remembered something my beautician once told me “relaxers aren’t supposed to burn” but I knew that it did EVERY time so I knew that this product wasn’t meant for me. I began my “trial and transition”. My beautician cut my hair really low in the back, gave me bangs and shaped it in a bowl-cut. My hair was fine until those six weeks crept up on me and at that point I became really handy with a flat iron but only every once 2 weeks). I tried flattening the back and only a light bumping in the morning or wearing rollers but I honestly hated wrapping my hair, putting in rollers or anything that I was supposed to do right before bed. I also wore head wraps with a big knot to the lower right/left side, and braids. After I grew tiresome of the creative ways to hide my two-textured hair I cut off all my hair except for ½ and inch in late August. It was exhilarating and I was filled with a new excitement but it took a full 24 hours before I was comfortable wearing it openly in the public or at work. The fact that my boyfriend’s TWA was longer than mine left me a bit self-conscience but I realized that it’s mine and it GROWS! So I strutted my hair proudly. I went through several products and found that thicker products work well with my hair texture because it gives it more waves and it also locks in moisture for days. I then realized that as long as I clean my hair and moisturize it, it will grow until my heart’s content. I also read a study that on average, hair grows about an inch every 1-2months. Thus, it’ll be back before you know it!

My Suggestions:

–           If you are transitioning with a large amount of relaxed hair and some natural, stay away from flat ironing because it changes the curl pattern of your texture.

–          Don’t spend so much on products, do your research before purchasing anything . Watch product reviews on YouTube and try to find someone with a similar hair type to receive suggestions.

–          Don’t envy someone else’s hair, your hair is lovely as well!

Here is a picture timeline of my journey:


January 2010


May 2010

August 2010

October 2010


November/December 2010

February 2011


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