SuperStyle Tutorial: The Braid n’ Curl

Raquel L.

This is one of my favorite, low-maintenance styles. I got the idea from fabulous natural hair Youtuber, wwestNDNbeautyy. The original video tutorial can be found here: Braid’n’Curl Tutorial

Style: Braid n’ Curl

Time: About 30 mins. to deep condition, wash, and detangle ; 1 hour to set hair; 1 hour to dry

Products Used: Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Leave-In Conditioning Cream, Elasta QP Feels Like Silk Foam Wrap, small yellow perm rods, fine tooth comb, end papers, clips to section hair

Lasts: 1-2 week maximum

My hair had been in this bun for about 2-3 days at this point. Time to style. 🙂

I apply this deep conditioner to my dry hair in sections.

I cover my hair with a plastic bag, not conditioning caps. Ahem. This is not being cheap. This is college-broke innovation.

That odd looking gray tube is one of the best hair investments I've made. It connects to your dryer, creating an instant salon style dome dryer. Right in your dorm room.

I sit under the dryer with the deep conditioner on my hair for about 15 minutes. Great time to read for classes. Or tweet.

I then shampoo and condition in the shower, using my shower detangling comb to detangle my hair in four sections.

After detangling in the shower, my hair is braided in four different sections. It is SO much easier to work with your hair in sections.

Styling Tools: end wraps for smoothing the ends, spray bottle with water to keep my hair damp, small perm rods for the ends, a large comb to keep my hair detangled, fine tooth comb to smooth my ends on the roller, Garnier Fructis Leave-In Cream to moisturize, and Keracare Foam Wrap to provide hold to my style

I start with the first section.

I add my products to that one section: a dime size amount of my leave-in cream and at least 2 pumps of the foam wrap, fingering it through my hair to evenly distribute it.

I section off a small portion of my hair to begin braiding.

I leave the very end of the braid loose.

Here are the end wraps. I've cut them in half for easier manipulation.

I place the end wrap around the very end of my hair.

I then roll the end of my hair wrapped in the end paper around the perm rod.

Here's that back left section completely done. I do about six braids per section, and I don't make exact parts in my hair.

Here's the very front of my hair. I only make one straight part in my hair, and that's for my side part.

I like to neaten up the front of my hair. I prefer Fantasia IC, and this very soft brush.

You can thoroughly blame Chili, J. Lo, and maybe Lil Kim for my obsession with baby hairs. 😉

I sit under the dryer for about an hour. If I don't get it at least a little bit dry, I will wake up to damp hair. Then I go to sleep with a scarf and a bonnet.

I take out the curlers and the braids the next morning. I use the end of my comb to separate the parts that are still in my hair.

The finished product.

The front.

MAINTENANCE: Here's how to maintain the style at night. I clip up the front of my hair to preserve the curls at the front.

I cover the front of my hair up with a scarf, and remove the clip. The curls remain in a little "bunch" at the front of my hair, and do not get smushed.

I cover up the back of my hair with a satin bonnet. That's all there is to it.


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