What I would look like if….

Bianca G.

Have you ever wanted to do something drastic with your hair like chop it all off or shave the sides but you were too afraid that it would look a hot mess? I know that permanence with hair can be a scary thought, but don’t worry! There is a way to get a feel of what you would look like after making a drastic hair change. The great thing about being natural is your hair’s versatility. Here are some ideas I have come up with to test what I would look like if I decided to change up my hair a bit. You should give it a try…

If I decided to have a MOHAWK by shaving the sides of my head

Solution: This one is very common. You can have the sides of your head pinned up or get them braided. The simpler the braids the closed it is going to look like a shaved mohawk. I always take a picture that is a straight shot profile picture to get a better idea of what would I would look like with the sides of my head shaved.


If I decided to do the BIG CHOP or get a FADE

Solution: Being able to do this one depends on you hair length and shrinkage. I was able to part my hair into large sections, twist them and pin them down. This allowed me to see what my hair would look like if it were laying flat on my head in a natural style. Simply putting your hair into a pony tail did not create the same affect for me.


If I decided to do a SHORT STRAIGHT STYLE

Solution: This one is a little tricky depending on your hair length as well. After straightening my hair I sectioned of a part in the front I wanted to function as bangs. Then I brought my hair into a very high pony tail (i could see it when holding my head straight forward). Then I gently tucked and rolled the ponytail forward into itself, hiding my excess hair. and pinned it down. This creates a short look. You can also do a french twist from the back of the head toward the front,  if hair is a bit shorter.


If I decided to grow LOCKS

Solution: YARN BRAIDS!!! check out a yarn braid tutorial on youtube!!!


So if you are unsure about trying something new do a test run first. It has definitely helped me in the decisions I have made!

Though sometimes it may not seem like natural hair is impossible to work with, once you get to know your hair you will recognize its capabilities!

Remember this: You can pull off any look with confidence. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

Much love,



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