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Meet a SuperNatural-Dainya W.

Wash and go-6 months natural on March 10th

How long have you been natural? I began transitioning from relaxed to natural at the end of March 2010. I did twist outs, pin ups, and tried not to straighten my hair often for about 5 1/2 months so I would avoid losing any of my curl pattern. I then took the plunge and got the big on September 10th, 2010. I will be 6months natural on March 10th.


Easy transitioning style: Senegalese twists. I began transitioning in March 2010

September 10, 2010, Day of the Big Chop after 5.5 months of transitioning

Position in SuperNatural UIUC I am the Vice President of SuperNatural. It has been such an amazing experience watching the group evolve and become something really meaningful on the U of I campus. The group started with President Sydney Stoudmire accidently going natural and realizing she not only loved it, but she was not alone on this campus.

Major I am a sophomore majoring in Advertising.

A month after the big chop

Why did you go natural?I got my first perm at the age of 5 years old, so I had no idea what my natural texture was. I have wondered my whole life what my real hair looks like and why I went through so much effort each month to relax my hair. I was faithfully getting touch ups every eight weeks, and after about 3 weeks my hair already looked like it was in need of another. I tried to go natural my junior year of high school, but kept hearing negativity from peers about how I need to straighten my “nappy hair”. Also, my hair had been long and permed my whole life so I wasn’t ready for such a drastic change.

Long, relaxed hair during high school-no extensions added

Shorter cut to remedy damage-health over length!

After I met the President of SuperNatural (Sydney Stoudmire) my first year at U of I, before the group was ever even thought of, we had a discussion about hair. She told me how she accidently went natural and how she absolutely loved it. She was still learning how to take care of it, but overall enjoyed being able to wash and go and try new hairstyles. I then thought, I really want to do it this time, it would be so cool to go natural, especially since I had already gotten a shorter hair cut.

Dainya and Sydney-Vice President and President of SuperNatural UIUC

What is your favorite attribute of your natural hair? I overall love how I can either rock really curly hair or a bigger puffier look. It’s almost like I can switch hair textures.

Describe your hair. I would describe my hair as versatile. I can wash and go and have really nice curls, I can do twist outs and have a more wavy look, I can brush or blow dry my hair into a big fro, or straighten it! You can do so much with natural hair! I would also say my hair is dark, curly, coiled, thick, sometimes messy, and very big. I just can’t wait for it to get shoulder length in its natural state!

What has been people’s reactions to your hair? The question I dread so much to answer lol. I have gotten both positive and negative reactions to my big chop. I am not gonna lie, most black males do not like my hair. Some love my texture but most hate my hair length. It is almost as if guys think my hair will not keep growing and that all girls with natural hair have short hair as well (silly boys). It is very apparent that guys were more attracted to me with my long straight hair, even my short straight hair. But some guys really love it, so it just depends, but women need to realize it is not all about what guys think, you just have to be confident and show them that you are beautiful no matter how your hair is.

Older women absolutely love my hair, girls my age like it, but always tell me they could never do it because they “don’t look right with it” or “its looks nice on you but…” I understand all the excuses I hear, but you never know until you try it, and I think natural hair works for everyone!

First puff @ 3 months natural!

How would you describe the natural hair movement on UIUC and the general population? Is there even a natural hair movement to speak of? It is hard to identify whether or not there is an actual movement on this campus. Now I do believe there is a movement within the black community as a whole in America, so many more women are going natural and rocking their fro’s.

On the campus, however, I feel that girls are still feeling pressure to live up to a certain standard of beauty that consists of straight hair, whether it is short, long, or fake. There are also a lot of girls who do not have perms on this campus, but because they straighten their hair so much their natural texture has altered tremendously and does not curl the way it used to. I have also heard some negative feedback on this campus about girls going natural. Some people believe that girls who do not have perms think they are better than girls with relaxers. I personally cannot relate to that mindset and do not believe most naturals think that way. I did not stop getting perms because I thought I was too good for them. I stopped getting them because of curiosity, I was sick of trying to live up to the social norm, and most importantly the health of my hair; relaxers are very damaging and prevent your hair from growing as fast as it can.

Fun random fact about yourself! I am planning to go to Australia next year! I am super excited to study abroad for a semester and I think it will be such an amazing experience. Also my hair will have grown so much by then so I gotta show those Aussies how cool black hair is 😉

Recent straightening/length check-my hair has grown so much since I stopped getting relaxers

Where can we reach you?

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I also have a tumblr account, but I really need to update it, lol.

Esperanza Spalding-inspired blowout/twistout @ 5 months natural


Meet a SuperNatural-Kim J.

A cute flower accessory is a quick, easy way to spice up your hair

How long have you been natural? Natural 5-6months

Position in SuperNatural UIUC Writer for the SuperNatural UIUC Blog

Major Marketing/Supply Chain Management

Why did you go natural? I was tired of the cream burning my head and leaving sores afterwards. I was also tired of paying $60 every month (Mar 1 thru April 15 then another perm on April 16) and I wanted to embrace who my true beauty and actually know what the real texture of my hair looks like when its grown out.

What is your favorite attribute of your natural hair? Versatility is my favorite aspect of my hair. I can twist it, braid it, lay it down, afro it up or wear it after a fresh wash. My hair has personality and can do so many things. I love styling it and trying new products!

Describe your hair. I’m considered a 4a/4b which means I have a curl pattern but my hair has extremely tight tiny curls. My coils are about as big as a regular pencil (if not smaller-probably closer to bobby pin size) and it becomes really kinky after a couple days of no oil or pampering.

What have been people’s reactions to your hair? People’s response to my hair was quite different. Most people loved (when I did the Big Chop) and others not so much (and they aren’t bashful about telling you).  My one friend told me that she liked my weave better than my natural hair…yes it was rude but I don’t think she fully understood her commentary. My mother loved it and my boyfriend helped me cut it off so he was all go. He liked the fact that I was a lot less self-conscience and I was getting rid of the black girl stereotype of “I know you’re not going to touch my hair” type attitude. He could now play in it and while its short, it’s so easy to maintain.

How would you describe the natural hair movement on UIUC and the general population? Is there even a natural hair movement to speak of? There is definitely a natural hair movement and I am completely delighted to see our women embracing our real beauty. My friend told me about a study that was brought forth in her humanities course that discussed how black women were the least desired among several races by the opposite sex and we were also subject to low self-esteem. After hearing this and seeing the natural hair movement evolve, I just knew that the study she mentioned should be re-done and based on today’s information because the self-esteem has definitely altered since this movement.

Fun random fact about yourself! My mom named me Kimberly Jones Jr., yes junior. I’m named after her and Jr. is on my SSC, birth certificate and license.

Where can we reach you? You can reach me by email, a NBMBAA Meeting or on FB @ Kimmie Kimkins Jones

Meet a SuperNatural-Bianca G.

Natural hair on a night out 😉

How long have you been natural?4th grade… ish? I’m not too sure, but for a while.

Position in SuperNatural UIUC Editor of SuperNatural UIUC Blog

Major Creative Writing

Why did you go natural? Perms broke my hair off, so I figured going natural would solve that problem.

What is your favorite attribute of your natural hair? Its versatility.

Describe your hair. My hair is something like a 4c. Most hair systems would describe it as kinky and unmanageable. I say its full of personality. It’s able to imitate almost any hairtype. It’s coily, spongelike, soft, funky, original, fluffy, and most of all manageable to all those non-believers!

What have been people’s reactions to your hair? I’ve gotten both positive and negative. It ranges from “oh… why is your hair like that?” and “here is my card, I’ll fix you up when your arms get tired” to “I absolutely love your hair” and “I love your natural hair, its beautiful”. Each comment is different but I appreciate them all because either way I know what I like. If you hate it I have more reason to love it. If you love it that’s fine too because I already do.

How would you describe the natural hair movement on UIUC and the general population? Is there even a natural hair movement to speak of? I don’t know about a natural hair movement per say, I just think that the idea of understanding and being able to take of your hair the way that it naturally grows out of your head it becoming more popular. I think that women are beginning to realize that you can be beautiful natural. But once we realize that beauty shouldn’t be defined, we won’t even want a movement. That’s what I am waiting for.

Fun random fact about yourself! I really want to be a jazz singer!

Where can we reach you? Facebook search Bianca Maria… I don’t know a thing about twitter and I have a fashion blog in the works that I can tell you about when its up and running!

Meet a SuperNatural-Raquel L.

How long have you been natural? I’ve been technically natural my whole life, but always wore my hair straightened. I slowly got rid of the heat trained/damaged hair, and I’ve been wearing it in natural styles for about 4 years now.

Position in SuperNatural UIUC: I’m the SuperNatural UIUC Blog Chair.

Major: I’m an English and Secondary Education Major

Why did you go natural? I started wearing my hair in natural styles because I grew quite bored with the straight hair. I was tired of looking like everybody else.

What is your favorite attribute of your natural hair? The multitude of different ways it can be styled will never stop amazing me. Literally, the sky is the limit.

Describe your hair. I have fine, relatively fragile strands easily damaged, but admittedly, that doesn’t stop me from being a bit rough at times. It’s not thick, which I mourn about daily. It’s kinky, with a tight coil pattern.

A puff is one of the quickest natural hairstyles. Dress it up or down.

What have been people’s reactions to your hair? I’ve heard it all. It ranges from an admiring, “Your hair is sexy,” to a disdainful, sneering, “Do you ever straighten your hair?”  At the end of the day, none of that matters-I’m perfectly happy with my hair and this love affair isn’t going to end any time soon.

How would you describe the natural hair movement on UIUC and the general population? Is there even a natural hair movement to speak of? I’ve noticed it becoming far more common for black women to wear their hair naturally. There is a plethora of information online through blogs like this one, websites, forums, etc. and so it is becoming easier than ever to go natural-there are more than enough resources to take advantage of. It doesn’t seem quite so intimidating when we’re all in this thing together.

Fun random fact about yourself! I’m a pescetarian, meaning I’m primarily vegetarian, but I do indulge in the occasional fish.

Where can we reach you? I’m on Twitter: @RockaWakaFlocka. You can also email me at


Meet A SuperNatural-Nicole O.

A simple, elegant bun-excellent transitioning style

How long have you been natural? Currently I am transitioning.  I have not had a relaxer since August 2010

Position in SuperNatural UIUC? Photographer on the SuperNatural UIUC Blog Team

Major Painting in the College of Fine and Applied Arts. Minor: English. Also Pre-Law.

Why did you go natural? I decided to go natural because I want more volume and desire to have my hair in a healthier state.

What is your favorite attribute of your natural hair? I love the fact that I can wear it curly and I can also wear it straight by simply using a flat-iron.

Describe your hair. I have really thick, coarse hair

What have been people’s reactions to your hair? So far, I have not had any negative reactions, because I have not been transitioning for that long.

Kinky straight weave used as a protective style

How would you describe the natural hair movement on UIUC and in the general population? Is there even a natural hair movement to speak of? I believe that there is a natural hair movement.  This natural hair movement has created some controversy as to why women want to go natural, but overall I see it as a positive attribute to UIUC, because I have realized a lot of women further embracing themselves through natural hair.

Fun random fact about yourself! I speak 3.5 languages (Twi, Ga, English, and a little bit of French.

Where can we reach you? By email: